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Voonsen Non-Stop Action Against Vier & Yui

Masako (Voonsen) Captures Parn Deun (Yui)

Vier Sukollawat and Yui Jiranan face another opponent when they face assassin Masako (Voonsen Wirithipa) who is determined to kill them.  Anon (Vier) seems unlucky until Parn Deun (Yui) comes into help.  Masako has Anon cornered with a short blade knife until Parn Deun comes and shoots Voonsen, the bullet grazing her arm and causing her to fall.  She however gets away but Parn Deun still doesn’t give up and pursues her getting herself locked by Masako as a hostage so that Anon will not follow her.  What is Masako’s vengeance against Anon and Parn Deun to the point of wanting their lives?  Stay tuned to Prajun Lai Payak to find out.

On another note, Voonsen also gets to celebrate her 29th birthday on the set.

Source: Channel 7


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