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[Lakorn] Pbah Nang Sua

Pbah Nang Sua

Title: Pbah Nang Sua (The Tigress)
Production Company: Kantana
Cast: Yui Jiranan, Tle Thanapol, Kade Tarntup, Eiam Watsaporn, Than Thanakorn, Toey Arachamon, Yo Pranwarin
Broadcasting Channel: Channel 7
On Air: February 8, 2011 – April 11, 2011
Time Slot: Monday – Tuesday(Prime Time @ 20:30)
Total Episodes: 18
Status: Ended
Official Website:
Pbah Nang Sua @ Ch7 | Pbah Nang Sua @ Kantana
Watch Online:
Pbah Nang Sua @ Cityloveu Channel

Writer: Norman Wiratum
Script Writer: Norman Wiratum
Director: Eakkapope Tunyongmasakul

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Yui’s New Lakorn “Pbah Nang Sua”

Pbah Nang Sua - The Tigress

Yui is going to have another lakorn entitled Pbah Nang Sua (The Tigress).  It’s going to be an action lakorn produced by Kantana.  Also starring are Tle Thanapol, Kade Tarntup, and 1st runner up for Miss Thailand Universe, Eiam Wunsaporn.  It is scheduled to begin filming soon.  I’m not sure yet who Yui is paired up with but I will keep you posted.

Credit: P’Salak @ Channel 7 Webboard

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