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Koom Pah Kham Teaser

Oh happiness!!!  Someone has uploaded a teaser, but I don’t think it’s airing yet.  Channel 7 hasn’t bought the lakorn yet and until then we won’t be seeing it. Yui looks so lovely though, I’m kinda disappointed the teaser focuses so much on Joy’s character.

Credit: Transfoto17


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Koom Pah Kham Closing Party


Cast of Koom Pah Kham

After months of tireless filming, the lakorn Koom Pah Kham has finally finished and had a closing party.

Image Credit: Siam Dara

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Behind the Scenes “Koom Pah Kham” in Chiang Mai

Image Source: Siam Dara, Dailynews

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Paul Indicates “Koom Pah Kham” is Complex


The storyline of Koom Pah Kham is complex but Paul is confident of the director’s skills.

“In the story there’s Yui Jiranan and Joy Sirilak.  I play a police officer who is grieving over his younger brother’s mysterious suicide so I quit my job.  Before I left I got a big case to finish, that involved the death of my brother’s girlfriend.”

“The reason I chose to play this role was because after reading the summary it was very exciting and the role was good.  Also, I got to work with Toob Sitiwat Tupphen who directed Mia Luang which made it better.  I worked with him before and he gives very good direction to the actors.  This lakorn has a great deal of complexity which I’m sure that P’Toob is able to make it work.”

“As for the actors, I’ve co-starred with Joy in Rachinee Morlum before and she’s okay.  As for Yui, I’ve never worked with her before but she has skills.”

Source: Khaosod
Image Credit: Dara Daily

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Magazine: Koo Sang Koo Som Issue 653

Yui & Paul

Yui & Paul

Yui and Paul on the cover from their lakorn Koom Pah Kham. Ohhh this means it might air soon. Yay!

Image Credit: Magazine Dee

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