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Duay Raeng Atitarn Press Conference

Duay Raeng

Duay Raeng Atitarn - With a Powerful Wish

Kantana held the press conference for the lakorn on January 28.  Only Pancake, Amy, Bee and a few of the supporting characters were there.  Vier, Yui and Arnas were not present.  The event also showed a promo teaser for the lakorn, mostly scenes of Pancake, Vier and her mom that are currently filming.  I’ll keep you posted on any further developments.

Image Credit: Kantana


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Lakorn Gallery: Pah Loke Bunterng

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TV Magazine
Pah Loke Bunterngpahlokebunterng1_02pahlokebunterng1_03pahlokebunterng1_04pahlokebunterng1_05pahlokebunterng1_06pahlokebunterng1_07pahlokebunterng1_08

Cheewit Dara

Papayon Bunterng

Cheewit Jing

Star News

Image Credit: Noiki

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