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Rumors of a New Lakorn for Yui

Rumors of a new lakorn project for Yui.

This lakorn will be another tear jerking drama from DaraVDO. The lakorn entitled “Dok Mai Ruang Tee Mae Rim” (The Falling Flowers at Mae Rim). Mae Rim is a small district in the Chiang Mai province of Northern Thailand. The lakorn is rumored to star Yui, Wut Asadawut, Nam Rapeepat, Benz Punyaporn, Tarn Kanya, Kik Mayurin and others. The lakorn was once a movie starring Jik Naowarat as the lead “Sroy Fah” and Eak Sorapong Chatree as her son.

Here is a summary from the movie, I’m not sure if the lakorn will follow the exact same storyline.

The lead of the story is named Sroy Fah and she lives in Chiang Mai. A wealthy suitor comes to ask for her hand in marriage. One day her house is robbed and her father is killed. she ends up pregnant and goes to bangkok to give birth, she hates the child very much. she even tries to kill him but can’t so on the day of the Loy Kratong Festival, she floats her baby down the river and a nice couple finds him and raises him. Sroy Fah goes back to Chiang Mai to marry the wealthy man but she can’t have children with him. The man’s mother forces the two to divorce. Sroy Fah gets a divorce and moves back to Mae Rim. Her son grows up as a good person and he tries to find his biological mother. Sroy Fah sees her son but cannot tell him who she is. The mother who raised him is suspicious of Sroy Fah’s emotions when she is near her son. They find out the truth. Sroy Fah moves back home but her house is robbed again and she is raped. The bad guy tries to kill her son too. She decides to kill the robber and then kills herself.

It seems very dramatic, and if Yui is the lead that means she’s going to be playing the mother role again. Not 100% confirmed on the project yet but I’ll keep it updated.

In other rumored lakorn news, “Jao Mae Laan Tay” Eak Rungsiroj confirmed himself as one of the leads. Yui has still yet to be confirmed.


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Rumors of Two New Lakorns for Yui

Rumors have it that aside from Suay Saeb Sing and Prajun Lai Payak, Yui has two new lakorns lined up.

The first is with the action company Bangkok Audio Vision, who Yui has worked with on previous projects such as Fon Neua, Choom Pae and more recently, Pah Loke Bunterng. This lakorn entitled “Jao Mae Laan Tay” will have Yui not only doing action but singing in a type of likay way also. Ah’Chalong Pakdeewichit, the director, plans to also cast Vee Veeraparb and Eak Rungsiroj in this flick. Nothing is 100% confirmed yet, so we’ll have to keep our eyes open.

The second seems to be a big production lakorn entitled “Koom Pah Kham.” No definite word yet on the production company rumors have it that Media of Medias is producing this lakorn, sources from OHO magazine state that Yui is being paired up with Paul Pattarapon for the first time. Along with Joy Sirilak who will take on the role as the antagonist. This also has yet to be 100% confirmed so I’ll keep you posted on further developments.

Koom Pah Kham has been confirmed

If these rumors are true, then hooray because there’s more work for Yui.

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