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Voonsen Non-Stop Action Against Vier & Yui

Masako (Voonsen) Captures Parn Deun (Yui)

Vier Sukollawat and Yui Jiranan face another opponent when they face assassin Masako (Voonsen Wirithipa) who is determined to kill them.  Anon (Vier) seems unlucky until Parn Deun (Yui) comes into help.  Masako has Anon cornered with a short blade knife until Parn Deun comes and shoots Voonsen, the bullet grazing her arm and causing her to fall.  She however gets away but Parn Deun still doesn’t give up and pursues her getting herself locked by Masako as a hostage so that Anon will not follow her.  What is Masako’s vengeance against Anon and Parn Deun to the point of wanting their lives?  Stay tuned to Prajun Lai Payak to find out.

On another note, Voonsen also gets to celebrate her 29th birthday on the set.

Source: Channel 7


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Yui Jiranan’s Golden Year

Yui Jiranan

It seems as if this is the golden year for actress Yui Jiranan who is not only excelling in her business of managing Speed-One Artist Management, but also the hit of her lakorn Prajun Lai Payak.

“Speed-One has been in business for 5 years now.  The main activity is the Speed-One Acting House which teaches the basics of acting, how to be more presentable, how to be a host amongst other things.  Those who come in to learn and pass the casting have the opportunity to star in a lakorn with me also.  Right now there’s about 50 artists in the company.  The most recent artists we got are Kratip Chawankorn, Gam Gavintra, Ice Atichanan and Baifern Pimchanok.  You could say the company is doing well right now.  As for my lakorns, it’s very fun, for instance Prajun Lai Payak has been extended.  I work 7 days a week now and I’m very happy.”

Source: Dara Daily

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Satisfied People Hate “Parn Deun,” Yui Herself is Disgusted by The Role

Yui Jiranan as Parn Deun

It’s a while since she plays the evil role, but Yui Jiranan doesn’t disappoint.  Reason because the lakorn Prajun Lai Payak is better than expected since Yui is so hard core!  She’s satisfied with the feedback, with everyone saying “We hate Parn Deun!”  Here’s what Yui has to say about her role.

“Really I’ve been taking on a few evil roles lately, but for the most part it’s an envious person, which is totally different from the character of Parn Deun.  When I’m playing this role, I even hate myself because Parn Deun is such a dark and scary person.  A majority of the fans don’t actually yell at me but will come and nicely say “Why are you so mean?  Don’t you have sympathy for your sister?”  I have to say thank you to all the fans for tuning in to Prajun Lai Payak and those who continue to follow my work.  I’m happy that the fans are into this character and how evil she is.  I’m very satisfied that in taking on this character I am able to portray it realistically that the fans get emotional about it also.  I’m not angry at the fans at all.  They may hate Parn Deun, but it’s a role that I’ve done well to a level.  But it makes sense since even I’m disgusted by this role.

I have to thank P’Oh Krissada Teachanilobon (Director) for helping me flush out the emotions and spirit of Parn Deun.  Additionally, P’Aum Patcharapa, Vier Sukollawat, Om Akapan and the other stars that help build emotion and make me feel like I’m really this character.  Please continue to watch the lakorn, I guarantee it’ll be awesome.”

Source: Channel 7

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[TV Show] Prajun Lai Payak @ Wun Warn Yung Waan You

Vier, Aum, Yui, Om

Yui and Aum on Wun Warn Yung Waan You talking about the lakorn.  Also Vier Sukollawat, Om Akapan, Poy Paweena, Gamboom Pimnipa, Sun Prachakorn and Ball Chernyim joined them.

Watch Here: Wun Warn Yung Waan You @ Immaculate Yui

Image Credit: M-Berserk @ Ging-Fansite

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Yui & Aum Fighting in the Rain

Jun Chai (Aum) & Parn Deun (Yui) Fighting

Things continue to heat up as Jun Chai (Aum) and Parn Deun (Yui) fight each other in the rain after Jun Chai went to visit her adopted mom at the house.  Jun Chai and Parn Deun got into an argument and this is the end result.

Image Credit: Channel 7, Siam Dara, Thairath

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Om Embarassed Shows Off Six Pack While Yui Massages

Parn Deun (Yui) and Wayu (Om)

Parn Deun (Yui Jiranan) goes undercover as a spa worker to find out information about Wayu’s (Om Akapan) drug dealings.  In this scene, they filmed it Sensala Spa.  Before filming, Yui had to attend a course in massage with a spa worker until she got the hang of it and was ready to film for real.  As for Om, he felt a bit weird having to take off his shirt saying “I’m embarrassed of my belly, I just finished eating.”  The director told him to take off his shirt, Om went pale but Yui’s face turned red just thinking of the scene where she had to massage Om.  But don’t get any bad ideas, Om was also wearing a towel.  When it was time to film, Om got on the massage table and Yui started massaging.  But wait it looks more like she was rubbing him down since we saw his body all oiled up.  Yui got too much into it, revealing suspicion so Om started asking questions.  Yui went to walk away but Om pulled her back into his arms.  Yui tried to wriggle free but Om pulled her too close to him.  What will happen after this? You must stay tuned this Wednesday.

Credit: Thairath, Polyplus

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Prajun Lai Payak Ratings


Prajun Lai Payak - The Tiger Striped Moon

Episode #    Rating        Air Date
Episode 1        14        February 17, 2010 (First Episode)
Episode 2        15        February 18, 2010
Episode 3        14        February 24, 2010
Episode 4        16        February 25, 2010
Episode 5        14        March 3, 2010
Episode 6        15        March 4, 2010
Episode 7        14        March 10, 2010
Episode 8        15        March 11, 2010
Episode 9        15        March 17, 2010
Episode 10      15        March 18, 2010
Episode 11      14        March 24, 2010
Episode 12      15        March 25, 2010
Episode 13      14        March 31, 2010
Episode 14      18        April 1, 2010
Episode 15      17        April 7, 2010
Episode 16      17        April 8, 2010
Episode 17      14        April 14, 2010
Episode 18      15        April 15, 2010
Episode 19      16        April 21, 2010
Episode 20      16        April 22, 2010
Episode 21      15/16   April 28, 2010*
Episode 22      17        April 29, 2010
Episode 23      18        May 5, 2010
Episode 24      20        May 6, 2010 (Ending Episode)

Credit: AGB Nielsen Media Research (via Riyo @ Pantip)

*2 ratings are shown because the lakorn was interrupted with an urgent news broadcast.

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