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Update Yui Lakorn News

Yui has confirmed that she is no longer in the lakorn “Duay Raeng Atitarn.”  Reason being that she cannot give time to that lakorn because currently she is filming the movie “Nang Takien.”  In addition to that, she has accepted to play in a new lakorn “Mae Sri Prai.”  The queue for Nang Takien is Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and after that finishes Mae Sri Prai takes over those slots for her.  Duay Raeng Atitarn films Wednesday-Saturday so Yui cannot have time to do both therefore she turned down the role in that lakorn.

Thus, I will no longer be updating news regarding Duay Raeng Atitarn since Yui is not in that lakorn.  But I’m happy for her new lakorn.  I think it is a remake of the lakorn played by Dodo Yuthapichai & Tai Saitarn although I’m not sure of the storyline.  I will keep you posted on futher developments.


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Duay Raeng Atitarn Press Conference

Duay Raeng

Duay Raeng Atitarn - With a Powerful Wish

Kantana held the press conference for the lakorn on January 28.  Only Pancake, Amy, Bee and a few of the supporting characters were there.  Vier, Yui and Arnas were not present.  The event also showed a promo teaser for the lakorn, mostly scenes of Pancake, Vier and her mom that are currently filming.  I’ll keep you posted on any further developments.

Image Credit: Kantana

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News: 2 New Projects for Yui

Yui has 2 more upcoming projects for 2010.  The first, is a remake lakorn “Duay Raeng Atitarn” (With a Powerful Wish) that was made famous about a decade ago starring Tua Saranyu & Kob Suvanant.  In this version, the leads will be played by Vier Sukollwat & Pancake Khemanit.  Other stars include Yui Jiranan, Arnas, Amy Amika, Bee Matika, Kratip Chawankorn, Fai Nishanan and many more.  The lakorn is still in production so changes might occur during this time and the time it starts to film.

Duay Raeng Atitarn is the story of a young woman named Worada, but because of jealously and hatred was killed before her time.  Before she died, she made a wish hoping that in her next lifetime she is powerful and strong not stupid and easily deceived like she was in this lifetime.  Her lover Krit, mourning her loss had never loved anyone else until one day he meets a woman who looks exactly like her.  What he doesn’t know is this woman IS Worada but this lifetime her name is Nattamon and she holds a six sense as you could say.  And she has never forgotten the betrayal enacted upon her in her previous lifetime.

The second project is a new movie, temporarily titled “Nang Takien.”  Not much info about it yet since it only started filming.  The title might change in the future.  But it is a horror flick.

I will keep you posted on any further information regarding these 2 projects.  Special thanks to Khun Chatchaleeyar for updating me with Yui’s information ja.

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