New Lakorn “Krabeu Barn”

Cast of Krabeu Barn

Yui is having a new lakorn with New Wongsakorn.  They started filming already and had the opening ceremony just a while back.  Other stars include Aimee Morakot, Koon Kanin, Luktarn Arisa, Jay Jayjintai, Tarn Kanya, Tum Wichaya.

Credit: Cityloveu

Image Credit: Kapook


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  1. 1

    Min said,

    You do not know how excited I am to hear this news. Yui finally got pair up with a new pra’ek, and it’s THE one that I wish that Yui will be paired up with! Thank you noiki for the news. I feel like Yui has been gone since her news with Than came out. I am anticipating for this.

    —> P’Yui, welcome back to be a nang’ek in many people hearts and mine! Best Luck to this lakorn and your future ones! I am supporting you!

  2. 2

    mithai said,

    me too…..

  3. 3

    Cindy said,

    when is this lakorn going to air? I can’t wait for it. I felt sorry for P’Yui on Lui, because she isn’t in the lakorn anymore. I want to see this new one. Does anyone know when they going to play the one P’Yui play with Paul?

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