Yui Updates Lakorn News

Tell us about “Mae Sri Prai”
“The feedback is very good. Right now we’re filming and airing and it’s almost close to ending.  They added a lot more episodes, from what was 30 is now close to 70 episodes already.”

You’ve hit the mark with long lakorns
“And it has to be with P’Wut (Asadawut Luangsoontorn) also.  Everytime we work together, we always have long lakorns (smiles).  As far as I know no other pra’nang couple have defeated us in that.  Working on long lakorns is quite fun and I feel attached to everyone.  We film 5-6 days out of the week and I start thinking I AM that character.”

Please update us on your other lakorns
“After Mae Sri Prai finishes, I have “Lui” which we’re hurrying to film, and also “Pbah Nang Sua.”  In this lakorn it’s going to be all out action.  I have to be a very strong woman, no one is able to defeat me, not even a bullet.  Not only am I strong but I also have a companion that is a Bengal tiger.”

The signs of becoming “Queen of Action”
“That’s nice, I like it, it’s fun.  Personally I like action roles because my regular life I can’t do anything like that.  Not only that but it’s also pretty cool.”

Tell us about “Lui

“In the lakorn it’s mostly action and fighting.  I have to be in all the action scenes, but my role is just to run away.  I’m lucky I don’t need to do action.  The person doing the heavy work is Vee Veeraparb.  This lakorn has a lot of stars.”

Source: TV Inside


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    lynna said,

    In Pbah Nang Sua, is that one she nang’ek?
    I like the storyline when she is explaining it.

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