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[Lakorn] Mae Sri Prai


Mae Sri Prai - My Jungle Sweetheart


Title: Mae Sri Prai (My Jungle Sweetheart)
Production Company: Nopporn Promotion
Cast: Yui Jiranan, Wut Asadawut, Eak Rungsiroj, Fai Nishanan, Glom Noppon, Au Navapol, May Orawansa, Mangpor Chonticha, Boy Sittichai
Broadcasting Channel: Channel 7
On Air: July 29, 2010 – October 7, 2010
Time Slot: Monday – Sunday (Evenings @ 18:45)
Total Episodes: 70
Status: Ended
Official Website:
Channel 7
Watch Online:
Mae Sri Prai @ Cityloveu Channel

Writer: Wichit Khunawut
Script Writer: Panatee
Director: Chaiywut Theppong

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Mae Sri Prai Teaser 4

Credit: Cityloveu

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Mae Sri Prai Teaser 3

Credit: Cityloveu

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Mae Sri Prai Teaser 2

Confirmed airing on July 29.

Credit: Cityloveu

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Mae Sri Prai Teaser 1

The lakorn is going to be airing after Priew Talard Taek.  Everyday at 18:45.  The projected airing date is July 29.

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[Movie] Nang Takien

Nang Takien - Takien: The Haunted Tree

Title: Nang Takien (Takien: The Haunted Tree)
Production Company: Group 4 Production | Pacific Island Film
Cast: Yui Jiranan, Oak Pirapan, Art Thanatorn, Bombay Nantabun, Sa-Ard Pliempongsan, Wisit Yuthiyong, Kru Meud Prasart Tongaram
In Theaters: June 17, 2010
Official Website: Pacific Island Film
Buy Online: Nang Takien @ Ethaicd

Director: Saiyon Srisawad

Summary: (Credit Ethaicd)
Yai Bua is in a dilemma, she is unemployed and betrayed. In despair, she returns to her hometown where her family is her last hope. On her arrival, she finds her parents and sister are gone. When Yai Bua is hopeless, the only person she thinks of is Pimarn, her boyfriend. As Yai Bua doesn’t hear any news from Pimarn  and has to handle the troubles alone, she ends up hanging herself on a big tree near the graveyard in her hometown. But the wrong-doing she has done from her past life to this life causes her spirit to possess at the tree waiting for Pimarn and her own redemption.

Yui Jiranan – Yai Bua
Oak Pirapan – Pimarn
Art Thanatorn – Somrit
Bombay Nantabun – Kiettiyode
Sa-Ard Pliempongsan
Wisit Yuthiyong
Kru Meud Prasart Tongaram

Movie Posters:


Image Credit: Pacific Island Film

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Magazine: Dara Daily Tabloid 163

Credit: Pinky FC & Club Chom

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