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Mae Sri Prai Fitting Pics

Eak Rungsiroj, Yui Jiranan, Wut Asadawut

Image Credit: Ndida, Channel 7


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Behind the Scenes Save World Save Life Photoshoot for OHO Magazine

Yui, Tengneung, Kade, Namwaan

Yui, Namwaan Kannaporn, Tengneung Kritsanagun and Kade Tarakade behind the scenes for the photoshoot for OHO magazine.  All four, including Kade Tarntup who wasn’t able to make it, are the new presenters for Channel 7’s Save World Save Life campaign year 3.

Image Credit: Newsplus

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Magazine: Kwan Reun Issue 927

Image Credit: Magazinedee

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[TV Show] Yui & Oak @ Wun Warn Yung Waan You

Yui Jiranan & Oak Pirapan

Yui was on Wun Warn Yung Waan You displaying her great acting skills and promoting her new movie “Nang Takien” already in theaters.

Watch @ Immaculate Yui: Wun Warn Yung Waan You 06-18-10

Image Credit: Thairath, Channel 7

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Yui, Om, Vier Meeting Prajun Lai Payak Contest Winners

Vier Sukollawat, Yui Jiranan, Om Akapan

Yui, Om Akapan and Vier Sukollawat were on hand to greet the winners of the Prajun Lai Payak contest winners.  Winners received a Honda motorcycle.  Here are the results from the poll:

Which character from Prajun Lai Payak would you like to be?

Jun Chai (Aum) | Parn Deun (Yui) |Anon (Vier) | Wayu (Om )

Image Credit: Channel 7

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Magazine: Health Plus Issue 51

Fantasic New Yui

Image Credit: Magazinedee

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Nang Takien Press Screening

Oak Pirapan & Yui Jiranan

The press screening of Yui’s new movie “Nang Takien.”  The movie will be released on June 17, 2010.

Image Credit: Siam Dara, Inn News

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