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Yui Nominated for Best Antagonist & Best Supporting Actress in Siam Dara Star Party Awards 2010

Yui as Parn Deun in Prajun Lai Payak

Parn Deun has done it again, this time her evilness made Yui be one of the nominees in the Siam Dara Stars Party Awards 2010 for Best Antagonist.  Yui won the same award in 2008 for her role as Salee in Nang Tard.  Let’s see if she has what it takes to take the award again this year.  However, she is going up against pretty good competion.  Kob Suvanant is nominated for her role in Reun Sorn Ruk, Kik Suwajanee for Sai Soke, newcomer Kubkib Sumonthip for Ngao Ruk Luang Jai, and only male Tui Kietkamol for Jong Kol Ging Tien.

Yui also got nominated for the same role in Best Supporting  Actor/Actress category.  Other nominees include Nampeung Nattarika for Prajun See Roong, Opal Panissara for sitcom Neua Koo Yark Roo Wa Krai, Jieb Chernyim for sitcom Pen Tor,  Ah’Too Noppol for Neua Mek and Boy Pissanua for movie October Sonata.

The award ceremony will be held on June 30th.  Good Luck to Yui.

Image Credit: Channel 7
Source: Siam Dara


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Nang Takien Press Conference

Yui, Oak and the director Saiyon at the press conference for Nang Takien.  The movie is scheduled to be released on June 17th.

Image Credit: Khaosod, Inn News, Dara Daily, Siam Dara

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Channel 7 Stars Come Together to Sing

Tuptim Anyarin, Som Thansinee, Yui Jiranan, May Orawansa

Many Channel 7 stars come together to sing the song “Hark Rao Yung Ruk Gun” (If we still love each other) in light of the recent events in Thailand to call for Thais to love and be peaceful instead of being violent.  The music video for this song will be releasing soon on Channel 7.

Image Credit: Channel 7, Tubtim Club

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Yui Afraid of Filming in an Abandoned House

Yui in Nang Takien

Every scene that she has to star in for the movie “Nang Takien” has been nothing but scary.  Yui tries to keep cool under pressure and not be scared, but for the scene where they filmed in an abandoned house in Supanburi is too much.  The house belonged to a person who committed suicide by hanging themself and since then no one has lived there.  This caused much fright for Yui since she had to film this scene alone.

“In this movie my character is Yai Bua, a prim and proper girl from a different province who moves to Bangkok to find work.  After being laid off, I went back home but all my family, my father, mother and siblings had died.  Yai Bua has to live alone.  As for the house we filmed in, the director scouted for this location in Supanburi.  It was an abandoned house where the owner died there also, I thought they were just kidding.

I asked the man who was taking care of the house and he said the house was abandoned for 10 years now.  No one lived there since the owner hung themself.  The man tried to sell the house but no one would buy it, others stayed there once but couldn’t make it through the night.  They met with things they didn’t want to.  I immediately prayed and ask the owner  for forgiveness.  The atmosphere was quite scary even though we were filming during the day.  The house itself wasn’t very old, the man took care of the house but everything inside was still the same as when the owner left it.

In this scene I’m alone, my emotions at the time were both stressful and sorrowful.  In the house there was only the director, his assistant and the cameraman because they wanted me to have time to build my emotions.  However I couldn’t really focus because of the way the crew did the lighting it made it more gruesome.  I remember distinctly when we were filming I heard some things falling that were very loud.  The director ordered a cut and when the crew went to check it out, there was nothing there.  At this point we were all looking at each other but no one said anything until we finished filming.  I admit I was really frightened, but I prayed to the spirits and hope that they understood we were just there to work and not destroy anything or do anything bad.

Please go watch the movie when it’s in theaters on June 17.”

Source: Dara Daily

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Yui @ 1st Annual Nataraj Awards 2009

Yui @ Nataraj Awards

May 16, the 1st Annual Nataraj Awards was held.  Yui attended as a star who was one of the voters as well as being there to give a speech about her close friend and fellow actress, Pok Piyatida, who was nominated in the Best Actress category.

Image Credit: Newsplus, Karl/Jammy, Lovely June, Siam Dara

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Magazine: Spicy Issue 292

Dazzling Star

Image Credit: TV Pool

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