Aum & Om’s Sweet Wedding, Yui & Vier Action – Prajun Lai Payak Finale!

Finally Wayu’s (Om) love is fulfilled when he gets to marry Jun Chai (Aum), with Somchai (Ball) there as a witness on Wayu’s private beach. However, the ceremony gets interrupted with Parn Deun (Yui) and Metee (Ex) arrive. As for Anon (Vier), he came to help the woman he loves.

This scene was filmed at Wung Kaew Resort in Rayong. Today there’s everything from sweetness to action to drama. Especially for Wayu who gets to settle down with the woman he loved for so long, therefore Om was all in for today’s wedding scene.

Starting with Ball walking the bride to her groom. After which the rings are exchanged and Om kisses his bride while Aum gives him a kiss on the cheek. Om asks his bride for a dance as he’s always dream. The ceremony isn’t over yet and Yui arrives with a shot. Om gets shot by Yui while Aum flees for her life. Om tries to shoot by but Aum prevents him from shooting her sister. Aum begs Yui to kill her instead to end everything. Yui wants Aum to die slowly so she fights her instead while Aum doesn’t fight back.

Vier shows up and sees the sisters fighting and tells them to leave before the bomb goes off. Aum grabs Yui and they make a run for it. Vier comes to help them, but Yui is angry that Vier is more concerned about Aum than her so she grabs her gun and shoots Aum, but Vier won’t let her and pulls a gun on her. They clear things up until Yui understands. Aum, Vier and Yui tagteam shootout against Metee and his gang. Everyone thinks that Metee is dead, Yui wasn’t careful and turned her back and Metee shoots her in the back. Vier and Aum seek vengeance for Yui and kill Metee. Yui is slowly dying in her sister’s arms and the man she loves the most. She reflects on her wrongdoing while Aum and Vier cry. Everyone has to repay for the sins they created. As for Om, will he survive?

Make sure to stay tuned for the last episode of Prajun Lai Payak, May 6.

Source: Channel 7


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