Yui Content with Channel 7, Elders Choose Her Fate

The hype of actors and actresses moving from one channel to another is strong but Yui Jiranan maintains that she will stay with Channel 7.  Hopes the elders will make an appointment to talk about renewing her contract.  She doesn’t care about the new generation coming in, understands that her roles with change with age.  She plans out her future according to that of veteran actress Ah’Dao Duangdao Jarujinda.  Here’s what Yui has to say:

“I have one year left in my contract with Channel 7, but whatever happens is up to the elders.  If they show me mercy and what me to stay and sign with them and continue to give me work then I’ll sign.  Reason being that my heart is with Channel 7 regardless.  I have to carry out my duties as they’re given to me.  Whether I go or stay is up to the elders.”

Has Khun Dang called you in to talk about the contract?

“She hasn’t called me in yet, but I have one full year left in my contract so I have to wait until they call me.  I’m not brave enough to go in and ask to continue the contract.”

Right now, Channel 7 has a lot of new generation coming in, what are you doing to stay afloat?

“I’m not doing anything, I continue to be me to the best of my ability.  Make sure I’m doing the best work I can and have good work ethics.  The new generation has the right to come in.”

With the new generation, what if your roles get moved around, from n’ek to the n’ek’s aunt?

“I think it’s normal, it’ll happen to me someday.  Even if one day I’m not the n’ek anymore, I’ll still be an actress.  I’ll continue doing what I love.  I’m not trying to be a n’ek forever, I’m planning out my future similar to that of Ah’Dao’s (Duangdao Jarujinda).  I’ll keep starring in lakorns until I can no longer act.”

If Channel 7 gave you the aunt role right now would you take it?

“Let’s save that for a little later first (laughs).  I can still be a n’ek and n’rai right now.  Maybe in 4-5 years, but as of now I think it’s too quick.  Plus I’d want to see the script first.”

Source: Khaosod


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