Om Embarassed Shows Off Six Pack While Yui Massages

Parn Deun (Yui) and Wayu (Om)

Parn Deun (Yui Jiranan) goes undercover as a spa worker to find out information about Wayu’s (Om Akapan) drug dealings.  In this scene, they filmed it Sensala Spa.  Before filming, Yui had to attend a course in massage with a spa worker until she got the hang of it and was ready to film for real.  As for Om, he felt a bit weird having to take off his shirt saying “I’m embarrassed of my belly, I just finished eating.”  The director told him to take off his shirt, Om went pale but Yui’s face turned red just thinking of the scene where she had to massage Om.  But don’t get any bad ideas, Om was also wearing a towel.  When it was time to film, Om got on the massage table and Yui started massaging.  But wait it looks more like she was rubbing him down since we saw his body all oiled up.  Yui got too much into it, revealing suspicion so Om started asking questions.  Yui went to walk away but Om pulled her back into his arms.  Yui tried to wriggle free but Om pulled her too close to him.  What will happen after this? You must stay tuned this Wednesday.

Credit: Thairath, Polyplus


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    avarachika said,

    They should have made Om’s character fall for Yui’s character, haha. That would have been much funner and everyone would have gotten a happy ending.

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