Yui Frightened of Being Bound and Wrapped in Nang Takien

Yui Jiranan in "Nang Takien"

Nang Takien, a new movie by Group 4 Production only started filming for a bit but hot commodity actress “Yui Jiranan” has become frightened with being bound and wrapped, we don’t know if this anything to do with an omen or not.

“When I was contacted by the director, Khun Saiyon Srisawas, he told me he was planning on making this movie as a full out horror movie and not a comedy like he used to.  Additionally he said he would be directing this movie once again.”

Did he say why he chose you to play the part?
“He said he wanted me in this movie because my features are very traditionally Thai and my character was just right.  At first I told him I was very much afraid of ghosts and wasn’t brave enough to play.”

What did he say after that?
“He asked me to read the script first, if I like it then we could negotiate once again.  But if I don’t like it and decide not to play then he said it was okay.  So I took the script and read it for some time.  When I finished reading it, I took about a week to get to know the character.  The role was more interesting than I thought it would me.  A lot of things in the movie made me want to be a part of it.”

What part of the movie is frightening?
“The character itself and what we’ve filmed so far is quite scary.  For some of the scenes, we used the actual site it’s creepy and the temple is a very old temple in the Supanburi province.”

You had some strange dreams…
“Yes, I dreamed that I was bound and wrapped and being taken to put inside a casket.  I was very frightened in the dream, I was afraid and didn’t know what to do.  When I woke up I went to ask some respected elders about the meaning of my dream and why it was that way.  Many of which told me I needed to go make merit so it would help extend my life and have fortune and luck.  After I made merits I felt a lot better.”

Dara Daily


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