Yui Satisfied Gets to Play Evil Opposite Aum in Prajun Lai Payak

Yui Jiranan as Parn Deun

Although she’s taked the evil role before, but in the lakorn “Prajun Lai Payak” Yui tells us it’s an evil role that is very satisfying, it allows her to challenge herself in this role.

“In this lakorn I play sisters with Aum Patchrapa, but we’re not blood related.  We were both raised by love and in the beginning love each other very much to the point that we could die for one another.  However there’s the problem of Anon (Vier Sukollawat) in addition to trying to be the best in our work causing us to break apart, for instance trying to kill each other.  In this lakorn Aum and I get to challenge and duke it out a lot along with our action scenes.  The love part is a love triangle or even rectangle, it’s very confusing.  But when you watch, you’ll wonder who will win, Aum or me?

I have to admit it’s a repressive evil role, it’s not all out like in the other evil roles I’ve played before.  I can’t fully act out my evilness because I have to create this facade of being a good person who’s weak and sympathetic in front of the p’ek.  I show it a lot through my eyes instead, relying on the emotions that are bottled inside.  It seems that my emotions conflict a lot, sometimes I love and worry for my sister but sometimes I want to kill her which is totally different from Jun Chai’s (Aum Patchrapa) personality.  Jun Chai honestly worries about me and loves me regardless.  But Parn Deun (Yui) doesn’t care and only thinks about getting rid of Jun Chai.  Parn Deun is hot headed and wants to win over Jun Chai.  Later on, Parn Deun falls victim to her emotions and becomes a pawn for the evil people to hunt down Jun Chai.  This lakorn is very intense, and I have to constantly switch back and forth.  I hope viewers will tune in from the first episode onward, it will be very exciting.”

Image & News Source: Channel 7


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