Update Yui Lakorn News

Yui has confirmed that she is no longer in the lakorn “Duay Raeng Atitarn.”  Reason being that she cannot give time to that lakorn because currently she is filming the movie “Nang Takien.”  In addition to that, she has accepted to play in a new lakorn “Mae Sri Prai.”  The queue for Nang Takien is Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and after that finishes Mae Sri Prai takes over those slots for her.  Duay Raeng Atitarn films Wednesday-Saturday so Yui cannot have time to do both therefore she turned down the role in that lakorn.

Thus, I will no longer be updating news regarding Duay Raeng Atitarn since Yui is not in that lakorn.  But I’m happy for her new lakorn.  I think it is a remake of the lakorn played by Dodo Yuthapichai & Tai Saitarn although I’m not sure of the storyline.  I will keep you posted on futher developments.


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  1. 1

    anintitah said,

    please notify me when any news regarding about the new series Mae Sri Prai come out. I am a fan of Yui.

  2. 2

    anintitah said,

    i am happy that yui turn down the lakorn duay raeng atitarn. she is my #1 actor thought and i don’t like seeing her in second lead in lakorn or movie. i saw the old lakorn mae sri prai play by dodo and tai it was a really great lakorn and it had good storyline too, and they sing some musics in there, dodo and tai they were my favorite back then. i hope yui is not turning the lakorn down mae sri prai, i really……………want her to be in mae sri prai. i do like wut to the actor who is got na play in mae sri prai with yui but i hope they change him to someone else if will be better. it just my opinion though no offense…….

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