[Mini Series] Dung Dao Prao Saeng

Title: Dung Dao Prao Saeng (Like a Star Shining Light)
Production Company: DaraVDO
Cast: Doo Sunya, Yui Jiranan, Kob Papassara, Jakjaan Akumsiri, Kwan Usamanee, Sammie Bunthita, Aof Chanapol, Vier Sukollwat
Broadcasting Channel: Channel 7
On Air: December 2-4, 2009
Time Slot: Evenings @ 18:45
Total Episodes: 3
Status: Ended
Watch Online: Dung Dao Prao Saeng @ Immaculate Yui


A Mini Series Lakorn in honor of the King for Father’s Day. The story is about the love between a father and his daughters.  Narong (Sunya) and Karnda (Yui) run away from her home back to him home to Narong’s sister Na (Kob).  Narong took Karnda away because they were in love and her parents were forcing her to marry another man.  Karnda happened to be pregnant also.  The villagers would look down on the couple because they didn’t do things according to tradition.  The villagers predicted that their children would do the same thing as their parents.  Narong was very angry but Karnda was scared it would come true.  At the time, their farm wasn’t doing very well because of dry soil.  However because of HM King’s involvement with the agriculture in Thailand, they were able to bring the farm back.  After a while Karnda and Narong had 3 children, all girls.  They were Saowanit (Jakjaan), Saowanee (Kwan), and Saowapa (Sammie).  Because they were all girls Narong feared his daughters would have a similar fate as their mother.  While she was pregnant with their fourth child, Karnda died in childbirth along with the baby.  Narong vowed he would not let his daughters be the gossip of the town so he raised them with a firm hand.  Saowanit the oldest, was a doctor’s assistant to Vier and very filial.  Saowanee was the dreamer who hoped of becoming a celebrity.  Saowapa although not smart tried her best to learn but was easily swayed by the new police officer (Aof).  She and him had relations and she ended up pregnant.  Saowanit was accepted into a nursing program in Bangkok but because of fear Narong didn’t let her go.  Saowanee was caught participating in a pageant and punished by Narong by locking her in a room.  Saowanee got out and ran away to Bangkok to become a star.  Narong fell ill after Saowanee left.  The police officer’s wife, Muslin (Namwaan) came to the market and slapped Saowapa and accused her of stealing her husband.  Narong overheard and was angry and disappointed, he punished Saowapa.  Saowapa tried to kill herself, causing Narong to become sad.  Aof tried to break it off with his wife but she refused.  One day she came to the house and tried to shoot Saowapa but Narong blocked it ending up in the hospital.  While in the hospital, Narong keep asking for Saowanee.  So Saowanit, the doctor, and Na went to Bangkok to look for Saowanee.  Luckily they found her but she refused to come back.  Before they left, they gave her the letters Narong wrote to her but never sent.  Saowanee read them and felt sad she left her father so she decided to go back.  Narong was hoping for Saowanee but Saowanit lied saying they didn’t find her.  But Saowanee showed up and apologized to her father.  All four made up and forgave each other.  Aof and Saowapa were able to get married and have their child after Muslin decided to give him a divorce.  Saowanee came back to live at the house with her family.  Saowanit was still able to work at the hospital with the doctor.  Narong was happy to have his family back and thanked HM King for inspiration.

Ratings from AGB Nielsen Media Research
December 2, 2009: 12 (First Episode)
December 3, 2009: 15
December 4: 2009: 16 (Ending Episode)

Ratings Credit Riyo @ Pantip


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  1. 1

    Mr said,

    This lakorn seem so dramatic!!!

  2. 2

    Somanee said,

    Always wanted Weir Sukollawat and Kwan Usamanee together.

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