Joy Sirilak Versus Yui Jiranan: Not Afraid of Comparison

Not only is her role in “Koom Pah Kham” very complex, but Joy Sirilak has to show her skills against Yui Jiranan also.  We got the chance to meet with her so we asked her about the lakorn.

“This lakorn is quite heavy and strenuous because my character is very complex.  I have a flaw in me, that makes me a bit mental at times so I have to set up my emotions accordingly.  This lakorn is a mystery so there’s no telling that from the beginning, which makes it hard.”

You’re acting with Yui, are you afraid people might compare skills?

“It’s good, then they’ll be able to follow who shines more.  If it’s a plus for the lakorn, I want viewers to see it regardless of their reasons.  If they’re talking about it then that means they’re watching it.  Whether they like it or not is a different story.  I have to do my job to the best of my ability.  Because no matter how crucial the role is, if I can’t perform and make the viewers like it, if I’m not into the role then how can I expect the viewers to be into it also.”

This is your first prime time lakorn for Channel 7, are you afraid of ratings?

“It’s not my job to worry about ratings.  I think ratings aren’t just up to me because we work as a team.  But if it’s a issue that people want to talk about then I thank them because they are interested in the lakorn.  As for being evening or prime time, it’s not something new to me.  When I was at Channel 3, at first I played in both.  It probably got more news now.”

Source: Dailynews
Image Source: Thairath


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