Joy Slaps Mo Until She Screams in “Koom Pah Kham”


Noo Lek (Mo Amina) Being Slapped by Methinee (Joy Sirilak)

It seems as if Joy Sirilak and Mo Amina are always in a scene where they hit each other. Thus making the two able to pass through the scene without a take in the period lakorn “Koom Pah Kham” from Media of Medias.

Recently, the girls had a change of scenery, slapping each other in the garden. The two girls had to go at each other and slap the other one silly. In this scene Methinee (Joy Sirilak) comes to help her middle sister Darika (Yui Jiranan) who is crying from being harrassed by their youngest sister Noo Lek (Mo Amina).


You can’t help but give the thumbs up to Joy and Mo who have very good acting abilities. The garden was wet, soggy and hot, and their high heeled shoes were covered in mud. Not only that, but it made moving about very difficult, however the girls had to keep on a straight face. As for Darika (Yui), when she sees her sisters arguing and slapping each other, she had to prevent them in addition to crying. Yui’s tears came on cue with the scene. Afterwards, the 3 girls were laughing and happy while watching the aforementioned scene on the moniter.


Mo had this to say:

“This scene was shot in a lot of takes because the ground was wet from the rain. It made it hard to move about and enact the scene. Sometimes my shoes would get stuck in the hole or we’d miss each other entirely (laughs). We had to redo a lot ot it. When we checked the tape it was funny, as if we really hated each other. I guarantee that the lakorn fans won’t be disappointed. I gave it my all and so did the cast and crew. Please watch it when it comes out.”

Source: Dara Daily
Image Credit: Dara Daily, Thairath


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  1. 1

    Touchy said,

    Love Joy. Can’t wait to see her again on screen. I havent’ seen her for so long since she left Ch3. Can’t wait to see Yui also. She’s so beautiful

  2. 2

    lovely said,

    Can’t wait to wath it. Looks great.Also did anyone know this great lakorns would be out.

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