Prajun Lai Payak Preview

This was from yesterday’s event Yiem Yien 7 See, where all the channel 7 folks got together and awarded high rated lakorns and introduced new upcoming lakorns.

Pah Loke Bunterng got an award for highest ratings during it’s air time.

Clip Credit: CheerPanu


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    cindy said,

    Hi there,
    I am a big fan of yui jiranan I love her lakorns alot. Please tell her if you can get a hold of yui let her know that do not take anymore evil role ok. Me and my friends we love jui alot but we do not want to see her evil role on lakorns ok. Tell her to stay away from the evil role, I only like to watch her good role only. She is a very good actress she do not have to play the evil role to get more fan. If she play good role then people will love her lakorns ok. We all can’t never wait for her role to come out but when its out and she is the evil character then we do not want to see that lakorn. I want her to play only good role, people love you cauuse he way you act in movie. I understand that she want to get a award but not playing the evil role please. I love you yui, keep up the good work ok. Yui, you are very pretty and cute I will alway admire you.

    • 2

      immaculateyui said,

      thanks for your comment ja, i’m sure yui just wants to try on different roles to improve her acting abilities. but don’t worry i don’t think she usually takes on evil roles unless she knows it’s challenging. look forward to Koom Pah Kham, that one she plays a very good person.

      • 3

        Touchy said,

        OMG…I can’t wait for this lakorn to air. Yui is a great actress indeed. At first I don’t like her role in “Nang Tard” too, but then I realized she did a great job and that what an actress should try. And the result was out that she even grabbed all the award for that role.

        Can’t wait to see her in Koom Pah KHam also.

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