Yui @ TV Gold Awards 2008

Yui Chiranan

Yui Chiranan

Yui was nominated for Best Supporting Actress but she didn’t win.


Image Credit: Kapook, Gossip Star


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  1. 1

    Engsamnang said,

    Why she not win?who hell is win?Yui won the best actress in international with more fair than in the country and why she didn’t win for the local.it’s not fair.You know in my views thoes local award not fair as well.You see sawan bieng won alot.I think when one award celebration annonced the winner, another celebration will follow that style like ann won almost all celebration.I am so boring.You see another award festival( i forget the name) hold and the best actress is ann and the best actor not ken who won several celebration award before for best actor title.Ken not win because last year, he won the same title in the same celebration.So he not won this year.All in all, i think it’s not fair at all.Some times, the good film not depend on high rate, it on quality.Nang tard not high rate but it’s get the best quality.Every critics love it both international and local.But why it not won award alot.Sawan bieng and kom faek not the good.Critical don’t like it cause it’s impact to thai society like fighting on street and rape.However, it’s just my view.What about you?

    • 2

      immaculateyui said,

      ple jarunee from the lakorn nimit marn won. i’m not surprised na, this award usually goes to ch3 ppl bc it’s a ch3 award. ch7 usually wins the smaller awards from this stage. one of the reasons chompoo probably one is bc she’s with ch3 now.

  2. 3

    engsamnang said,

    so unfair, ch3 award ch3 won.I watched nimit marn, so interesting and normal.Rating of this lakorn is dumb.

  3. 4

    immaculateyui said,

    well, let’s see if the other awards if yui will win for this role. i think she is also nominated for kom chad leuk award for the same role. i wonder if she will win bc i don’t know who else is nominated.

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