Porb Pee Fah 2009 Ratings – 4th Week

Porb Pee Fah 2009

Porb Pee Fah 2009

Well this week it went up slightly on Thursday but not back up to double digits though.  I’m quite disappointed in this lakorn, it’s such a waste of money and talent.  The story is going no where and the editing it pretty bad, they basically do the same things over and over again.  Where is all the blood and gore that was promised to haunt us???  The ghosts are pretty much a joke now.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009: 7
Thursday, February 26, 2009: 9

Source: AGB Nielson Media Research


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  1. 1

    sally said,

    I won’t blame the audience either coz I myself gave up since the third episode. I find it lame and tasteless. I mean I don’t know what category it should belong to…like comedian, romance, drama, or scary. I don’t know what theme to put this lakorn into. Besides the acting is horrible. Ae is so young, but yet she has to play a mother role and her kids doesn’t even know how to act and plus they looks about the same age as her LOLz…anyway, I would rate this lakorn a 6…not to be mean. Or i won’t rate it at all since I gave up already.

  2. 2

    Ana said,

    ^ a 6 is two high..LOL…I’ll give it a two for Yui. Since she looked so pretty in her outfit and that’s it…lol..lakorn wise suck.

  3. 3

    engsamnang said,

    It’s too crazy for this lakorn.Low blood and scare, yes the same thing always happened.I hate Porb Pee Jao, she’s the most crazy and yui is so talkative.I am scare but the thurs epi is ok.I don’t know why yui doesn’t do something terrible by herself like drink and eating blood intestine.Unlike the original luarng on torn who scare me until now.However, this lakorn didn’t make me to watch baan possa.You said this one is bad, Baan Possa is extremely, unscare and boring too much sad.But one actress look like kob.That why i watch it sometimes when Porb Pee fah got commercial.

  4. 4

    Touch said,

    OH by the way, I just read Lyn’s blogg and the rating was lower than this. It was only a 6 and a 8 (not 7 and a 9 like you said).
    Here is the link to prove:


    Lyn is very accurate in finding the news and information so I always trust her. Besides yes, I think rating a 6 would be fair enough coz it was such a boring lakorn. I think people might watches it because of Yui and Oil besides that the whole story and everything else is just a mess. For me, I would rate it a 2 and 3 LOLz…

    • 5

      immaculateyui said,

      i get my ratings from a reliable source, therefore i don’t see any reason why ratings from the same company should be different. besides, i read it in thai. lyn doesn’t even read thai so i wouldn’t take everything she writes as “very accurate.”

  5. 6

    Touch said,

    Oh, I think Lyn changed it back to 7 and 9 now. LOLz…so sorry ka.

  6. 7

    do your research first said,

    this isnt the first time lyn’s blog has posted up inaccurate information, especially in terms of ratings lol. Lets not judge before you do your research and point fingers on which source is more accurate. You cant really blame her since lyn doesnt read thai

    who has the last laugh now?

  7. 8

    Shampoo said,

    woohoo anyway, I just want to come in and support Noiki. hehe hahaha lmao

    yeah this lakorn sucks and I stopped watching it unless someone give me a good reason to why I should continue.

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