Porb Pee Fah 2009 Now On Air

Porb Pee Fah 2009

Porb Pee Fah 2009

Now on air, let the haunting begin!

You can watch it every Wednesday – Thursday on the Porb Pee Fah 2009 Playlist @ Immaculate Yui Youtube Channel.  I will try to post it live whenever I get the chance to do so.


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  1. 1

    engsamnang said,

    i already watch the first ep on tv.First why it start with the present instead of the ancient and then flashback.Just one episode it seem almost 90% of the lakorn is different from the original.It then quiet similar to Jao Nang of ch5.Yes, when the original lakorn release, there is a new that it is inspired by jao nang but in different detail.Little bit disappoint as it look too predictable but love made up and story line as well, good shooting and yui is look so beautiful in traditional clothes.

  2. 2

    immaculateyui said,

    a lot of remakes change nowadays for reasons i don’t know lolz. i never watched the old version but i know right away that there are a lot of differences, especially in the characters. As for Jao Nang, I’ve never watched that lakorn so I can’t compare to that either. I hope the changes they made are going to better the lakorn. And yes, Yui looks very lovely in the traditional clothes.

  3. 3

    engsamnang said,

    now second epi is aired as well.Look more better than first one, beautiful scene as well but i feel not good with theme song and dance not good as original.The second is sometimes predictable (too much flashback) but still beautiful shooting and i said the same thing the make up is excellent.and special effect is average.wait for the third.I feel this one is better than poot mae nam khong and poot pee sawas remake.the third look well as just a previews

  4. 4

    immaculateyui said,

    yes it’s looking quite promising, the ratings are good so far too but we’ll have to see if it keeps getting better.

    i posted the special on the immaculateyui youtube page already too

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