Shock! Yui and Pid Broken Up!

Pid & Yui

Pid & Yui

Young N’ek Yui Jiranan admits that her and her boyfriend Pid Bodyslam have broken up.  The reason being they don’t have time for each other and they have different ways of thinking.  She puts down rumors of a third hand, and it doesn’t have anything to do with Pid being a player.  She also denies that they broke up because Pid couldn’t handle the scandalous news surrounding her.  She says from once being a boyfriend, all that’s left if the relationship of brother and sister.  But they’re still talking to each other and worry about one another just the same.  She gives her blessing if he’s already found someone new.

It turned out to be a shocker for the Year of the Ox when well mannered Yui Jiranan came out and admitted with the press at the Top Awards 2008 last night (January 27) that she has parted ways from sweetheart Pid Bodyslam.  They’ve broken up since the beginning of the new year, there was no hints or danger signs that this was going to happen.

“Pid and I have broken up already.  We’ve parted ways for some time now, and changed our relationship from that of boyfriend/girlfriend to simply brother and sister ever since the new year.  The reason we broke up isn’t because of the news that Pid took another girl to a concert, it’s not the issue of a third hand for sure.  It started because we’re always apart and the issues that arose between the two of us.  If you ask me who asked to break up first, we both talked about it and decided together.  I realize that I’ve been apart from him a lot because of work and many other things.  It caused us to be unable to take care of each other as well as we should.  Because of that, Pid and I talked about the reasons and we both understood each other, we decided it was best to be apart from each other.”

“There were no warnings that we were going to break up.  I think it was just time for it to happen.  I want to separate from each other for a while, and let life takes us where it takes is.  Whatever happens has to happen.  I don’t regret the time I spent with Pid at all, because I feel that the 4 years we’ve been together we were happy.  I did the best I could.”

We prodded her about the reason for the break up has rumors that Pid couldn’t handle Yui’s scandalous news that came out previously, therefore had to say goodbye and part ways.  The moment she heard this, she became embarrassed and forced a laugh.

(Laughing forcibly) “Do I really have that much scandalous news?  It probably doesn’t have to do with that since we talked about all the different reasons already.  We both have our own reasons and I don’t think it has to do with the news at all.”

Some rumors say that it’s because Pid is a player…

“Not at all, I’ll say that the time that we were together, we never had any arguments about him and other women.  It’s a reason that we both decided upon.  It’d definitely not that.  We don’t share the same views and the time that we didn’t have for each other, I realized that I didn’t look after him as well as I could have.  He also didn’t have much time for me.”

But some people saw Pid and a new girl going to a concert?

“Really?  If Pid has someone new then that’s his right because we’re already broken up.  I’m happy for him, no matter what, Pid is still a well meaning brother of mine.”

“Does Pid call and try to patch things up with me?  To this very day we’re still speaking on normal terms.  We still meet up and go eat together.  We still have good feelings for each other always.  We still tell each other that we’re brother and sister and best friends.  It’s not that he’s trying to reconcile with me, it’s that we still care about each other like always.  I still haven’t thought about us coming back and loving each other like before, I don’t want to think about it either.”

What do the elders have to say?

“They didn’t say anything, they probably feel sorry for the loss, but whatever happens has to happen.  We have to be able to accept reality.”

Are you sad because you were just starting to build a bridal house?

“I’ve always said that that house belongs to Pid.  One day it might be a bridal house, but it’s not right now, it’s still something that belongs to him.  Am I sad?  I’m a bit sad, but one thing that I think is that we still haven’t lost each other, we still have good feelings towards each other always.”

“I’ve come to terms with the situation that happened.  Before this I wasn’t that bad, because I still think that I haven’t lost him, he’s still a brother that I love very much.  Our good feelings remain for each other, just that today our relationship isn’t that of lovers anymore.  I still have him always because he’s still by my side whether I’m sick or need moral support.  I maybe sad that everything didn’t turn out the way I had dreamed it to be, but I have to accept the truth.”

She reveals that no one has come and tried to flirt with her yet, and that she hasn’t closed herself up in anyway.  She simply is letting life go on as intended by nature.

“No one has come up and flirt with me yet.  I don’t know when I’ll open my heart up to someone new.  I’ll let nature take its course and keep living my life.”

Source: Gossip Star


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