Channel 3 VS Channel 7 “Ogress Yui” Sent to Eat the Liver of “Crazy Anne”

Aum, Anne, Yui, Ae

Aum, Anne, Yui, Ae

You could compare it as the million dollar diamond program for Channel 7, in regards to the lakorns “Mia Luang” and “Porb Pee Fah” that so many people are looking foward to when they’ll finally see it onscreen.

At first there were news that Khun Dang was going to send out “Mia Luang” mid-last year in hopes that Aum Patchrapa and Pok Piyatida would have a chance at winning an award.

But last year was the prime year of Channel 7’s main actress like Kob Suvanant who had the lakorns “Nang Tard,” and “Silamanee” in addition to her announcement that she might leave the industry was more than enough for Channel 7. Therefore plans for airing “Mia Luang” and “Porb Pee Fah” were moved to this year instead.

It’s widely known that Channel 7 often waits to see what Channel 3 will air before making their final decisions about which lakorns they are going to put on air.

Channel 3 chose “Borrisat Bumbud Kaen” in the Wednesday, Thursday slot, a slap-kiss lakorn with their top actors like Um Atichart & Anne to lead the way for the new year; after last year when the sent the slap-kiss lakorn “Jum Leuy Ruk” with Um Atichart & Aff Taksaorn.

When Khun Dang saw this, she quickly decided to air “Mia Luang” and “Porb Pee Fah” to air but wouldn’t say which lakorn she was sending to compete with “Borrisat Bumbud Kaen” until the very last minute when it was found out to be “Porb Pee Fah.”

Those who had hoped to see Aum Patchrapa go up against Anne Thongprasom in the same time slot will be disappointed because Khun Dang has decided to send the “Ogress Yui” to get the livers and intestines of the “Crazy Anne” instead.

You could say it’s good because if Aum and Anne were to go up against each other and something went wrong, the loser will be defeated since both of them are the number ones of their respective channels. It’s best that a ghost lakorn went up against it instead since there are still opportunities to pull viewers away from each other. However the chance of a win or lose is still very close.

It’s because Anne has a lot of lakorn fans, whatever lakorn she stars in is a hit no doubt. But in Borrisat Bumbud Kaen, the plot is quite serious, and some people may not favor it. Whereas Yui is currently coming strong at this moment, especially since there’s quite a large audience for ghost lakorns. The chance for her to take the win isn’t small, which makes the war between these two very close.

Whatever the reason, once Channel 3’s Big Boss, Prawit Maleenont, saw that Channel 7 set to air a ghost lakorn, do you think he would give in so easily? He quickly locked the queue for “Saab Poosa” to air soon.

If “Ogress Yui” is able to make it pass “Crazy Anne” she still has to face the battle of the 4 n’eks in “Saab Poosa.” All of which have great talent, and each role is no lesser than the other: Ae Isariya as a seductress, Tanya as a ghost princess, Aom Sakaojai the most evil of all, and the extremely nice Nampeung Nattarika.

You could say that if “Ogress Yui” slips up, she might be trampled by the 4 n’eks of the competing channel. Ae Isariya who doesn’t have a lot of lakorns but they’re always a hit when she does, Tanya a hit everytime she plays the evil role, Aom Sakaojai who always brings in ratings with her evilness, and Nampeung Nattarika who fans have been waiting for another great role after she starred in “Sawan Biang.”

You cannot afford to blink in this war.

Source: Siamrath


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