Porb Pee Fah 2009 Teaser 2

Hooray! Another teaser, this one longer than the previous one. It looks pretty scary. This one should be on air soon, February 4th, replacing the Wednesday-Thursday slot. Look forward to it!


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  1. 1

    engsamnang said,

    look great, better than first one, one interesting and best of all, not use a lot of special effect as poot mae nam khong or poot pee saward.I don’t know why it replace mon tue or wed thurs.This lakorn should be hit as replace fri sun sat instead.IT maybe the incident while filming make it replace the days not the weekend.

  2. 2

    engsamnang said,

    another one is take the teen horror style.I feel better to it as it used the new style of horror that don’t seen i thai lakorn before.Love it.Good bye happy chinese new year

  3. 3

    immaculateyui said,

    lolz it’s can do fri-sun bc another lakorn just started airing in that time, if that were it we’d have to wait longer to see it.

    it’ll air wed-thurs, feb 4

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