Being a Good Person Doesn’t Get You Good Things…Being an Evil Person Gets an Award. Yui Chiranan is Very Satisfied!

Yui as Jao Nang La Ong Tong

Yui as Jao Nang La Ong Tong

She’s played the goody two shoes n’ek for so long but she hasn’t won an award for it.  But once she took on the evil role in “Nang Tard,” she instantly got an award!  Not only that but she received the Asian Television Award for Best Drama Performance by an Actress too!  Pretty N’ek Yui Chiranan is super happy!  She is preparing to show her god like acting abilities once again in the lakorn “Porb Pee Fah.”  A hit lakorn from Channel 7 where she takes on the role as a brutal ghost, she has to show off abilities to act out many different emotions, the most demanding role she’s ever taken on.

What role do you play in this lakorn?
“In this lakorn I play the role of “Jao Nang La Ong Tong.” She’s a sad woman but also very wicked.  Her wickedness stems from being disappointed two times.  Once was when she had a husband but her husband went off and had a mistress and  he elevated her up to the title of queen, since I came first I felt defeated and hurt.  The next time I fell in love with p’ek (P’Oil Thana) but he doesn’t love me, he from me, causing me to live a painful existence.  That was when I decided to bring a “ghost” to stay with me in hopes that it would help me become fulfilled in love.  But I eventually became a slave to the ghost and was possessed; therefore I was unable to be reborn.  I then started to get revenge on those who cause my life to be this way.  However, with the p’ek no matter how much resentment I have, out of my love from him I couldn’t bring myself to hurt him.  I want to have him stay with me; I get revenge on Saeng Lah (Ae Pornthip) and Marn Kaew (Sammie Bunthita) who are my rivals in love.  The role is very serious and difficult.  The hard part is the language I have to use, it’s very stressful.  I have to take a lot of headache medicine, sometimes the scene calls for me speaking solo for 2 full pages.  I have to use a lot of concentration for this part, and don’t want anyone to bother me while I’m doing it.  I’ll memorize the script and do a lot of homework with it so it won’t be so stressful.  However this is the hardest script and role I’ve come across thus far.

You have to play an ogre, how do you feel about it?
“I play an ogre.  I have to show my love, my desires and my gentle side.  However with my enemies, it’s like the flip of a hand, my eyes become harsh and there’s only hatred and vengeance.  The hard parts are going up on the slings and killing people, or the part where I have to be neat.”

You’re so stressed that you’ve started dreaming about it right?

“One day I got the script and was having fun reading, I read around 7-8 parts in one day.  When I went to sleep I had nightmares, I had to wake up around 3 A.M., I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I dreamt how it was just like in the script I read.  I dreamt that I went into the forest to drink the ogre’s nectar then I saw the ogre and it followed me.  When it was nearing the climax, I couldn’t take it anymore and I awoke with a jerk at around 3 A.M.  I tried not to think about it and told it to get out of my life, don’t mess with me.”

This is going to be airing and filming at the same time right?
“It’s not even on air yet and we got the order that they want to extend it from the original 14 episodes to 18 episodes.  We just go the order Saturday, it’s not on air yet but the elders have watched the first 2 episodes and they really like it.”

Are you happy that you won an award?
“Yes, I’m very happy.  I just got the award for best actress for Nang Tard from the Asian Television Awards.  I’m happy and proud because I was very dedicated to that role.  I never thought I would achieve so much from it.  I’ve been a n’ek for so long but I never won an award for those roles before.  But once I started playing the evil character, I got an award.  It’s make it all worth the effort and it gives me a lot of encouragement.”

Do you feel hurt that you didn’t get the n’ek role in this lakorn?
“Not at all, if wouldn’t want to play the n’ek role.  The n’ek character is very prim and proper.  I want to play in a lakorn where there are many leading characters, a lot of flavor.  I want to try my hand at this since it gives me a chance to show my abilities.  It’s too typical to be playing the n’ek character all the time.”

Nowadays you’ve taken on the evil role, are you afraid viewers might associate this image with you?
“I’m not afraid.  I’m sure the viewers are watching for the role.  I’ve played “Salee” already, and played a tearful n’ek and people like it.  For instance, people still like me in the lakorn “Pah Loke Bunterng.”  But for this role, the viewers want to see me again in the tough evil roles, I’m sure they can distinguish between the characters and are intrigued by both of them.”

Please leave a message for the viewers regarding this lakorn.
“I want to leave the lakorn “Porb Pee Fah” for the viewers.  I want to tell them that it’s worth it to watch this lakorn because there are a lot of quality actors and newbies.  And please lend your support to “La Ong Tong,” don’t hate her just yet because truthfully she’s very pitiful character.”

Source: Siamrath


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