Bad Luck! “Porb Pee Fah”…Fire Engulfs a Van, One by One the Jinx is Felt.

Porb Pee Fah

Porb Pee Fah

The bad luck of “Porb Pee Fah,” actors left and right are feeling its jinx. Suddenly fire breaks out on one of the vans with any reasonable cause. One by one, the actors Ah’Dao Duangdao Jarujinda, Ae Pornthip, Yui Chiranan following one another into the hospital. Additionally, the cameraman hit with a stray bullet when p’ek Oil Thana was filming a sword fighting scene and lost his queue only to hit the cameraman’s fingers. Blood is shedding all around.

Despite this, the lakorn “Porb Pee Fah” by Kantana Productions already had an opening ceremony before they started filming. But even with that, the strange happenings are still occuring. The PR tells us

“Porp Pee Fah already had an opening ceremony even before we started filming. All the people on set including the actors have met with some strange events. First off while filming, all a sudden the van bursts into fire. No one knows how the fire was started, and it engulfed the entire van. We were all very confused regarding what happened. How did the fire start? When that ordeal was over, then came Oil’s sword fighting scene, he missed his mark and instead hit the cameraman’s fingers. We had to attend to that right away.”

“Afterwards, people started getting sick. Ah’Dao had to go to the hospital, then Ae Pornthip because of food poisoning, and most recently Yui Chiranan who was so sick and had to be rushed to the hospital. The whole team decided to sit down and talk about these matter and thought that it may be a curse or some jinx of the lakorn itself. A lot of people have met with weird things happening. Or it could just be a coincidence, but P’Ta Niratsai Kanjareuk, the director believes in these types of things. He has a sense for strange things. When we connect all the stories, the actors wonder who will be next. The crew was thinking that after Yui gets out of the hospital and when all the actors are all present they’re going to have to make merits on a large scale once and for all; in order to call back the spirits and moral support for the actors and the crew.”

No matter what “Porb Pee Fah” has already filmed up to 80%, and should be on air if not February 4th then the 5th for sure.

Source: Siam Dara


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  1. 1

    engsamnang said,

    you know i feel so nervous when you said a bad luck for pob pee fah.I feel my hope will disappear. all in all, is they still filming, wish they finished it.Work it good and wish no more strange thing happen and wish yui is work again with her charactor, she can do that.can i ask you, do the director has already pray to pee porb before filming.I feel so creepy for this article, first yui had nightmare now the actor started sick.However 80% for the lakorn is alreafy, it will be great job.It is creepy inside and outside for lakorn and reality so.It will make pop pee fah a hit.I reminded me of pob pee fah original, i heard it has a spirit appeared on it too while they shooting a drink bloody scene but not so creepy like theis new one.However, wish them all good luck, so do you too keep working on that and happy chinese new year in thailand at china town.It reminded me of chinese food.

    • 2

      immaculateyui said,

      yeah the opening ceremony was already done but it’s still happening so possibly it needs to be bigger this time. it should air soon so once pah loke bunterng ends i should be able to upload this lakorn. thank you for visiting often.

  2. 3

    engsamnang said,

    you know i feel so nervous for this article when i saw bad luck pop fee fah.hope nothing wrong happened again.All in all, it already 80% filming.Wish yui is work again on her charactor.It great work.Can i ask you are the director pray to pee pob before filming as now there are a strange thing happen.First yui’s nightmare and now another’s.IT’s spooky abd creepy.It remind me of the original porb pee fah that i heard the director said the real pee pob on bloody drinking scene but not terrible like this new one.The new one is so creepy for inside and outside.It will scare alot of viewer for watching this and i hope it is a hit.Finally, wish them all good luck and also you kep working for writing the hot new like that.Love it and happy chinese year year in thailand at china town.Like chinese food. Ho i tell you one thing that my first comment is going to post but than error and delect. Ho don’t scare, it not some spooky do that maybe my computer error.Good bye see you for next comment.

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