Yui Knocks Out on the Set…Symptoms of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

Yui in the hospital

Yui in the hospital

Yui Chiranan shows good spirits to the point of being sent to the hospital. Her attending physician concludes that she has dengue hemorrhagic fever. She also has moral support from her boyfriend and friends both inside and outside the entertainment business.

Mo-Chit’s Beautiful N’ek “Yui Chiranan Manojaem” was sent to the hospital while on the set of Porb Pee Fah. After the filming Yui felt fatigued and developed a fever. Her driver immediately took her to Vipavadee Hospital. Here’s what Yui has to say:

“I was filming Porb Pee Fah Monday night, after that the weather got really cold and I had to wear the Thai cloth around my chest as a top. I can’t stay in extremely cold weather. That night my head started to hurt as if I was getting sick. When I got home I still thought that I did, but I didn’t think it was anything big; so I thought taking a shower would make it better. I took a shower, then around midnight a fever started developing so I woke up and took some medicine. I thought I would be better come morning. When I went to the set others saw that my fever was getting higher, I couldn’t barely stand but I forced myself to keep filming. I filmed about 5 scenes, after then I fell asleep on a chair. Ah’Dao (Duangdao Jarujinda) said I was mumbling something that caused other people to gather around me. I couldn’t stand up from where I was sitting, after that I came to the hospital.”

Our reporter asked Yui what the doctor said.
“At this point he says I have the symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever. Usually there are about 270,000 platelets in a blood sample, but when they took my blood this morning it was around 190,000. So they took my blood to test it for the virus just to make sure. He still has to monitor my condition because last night my fever went up again, during the day it slowly went down but it keeps fluctuating up and down.

Next we asked her about her condition thus far, Yui says:
“I have a high fever but I took some medicine already. I still can’t do anything, I get dizzy just getting up going to the bathroom, my bones feel weak also.”

The reporter then asked if the doctor concluded what was wrong with her.
“The doctor just said I have a fever. But I really want him to tell me what I really have, if it really is dengue hemorrhagic fever then I want to find a way to take care of it. I’ve already been checked for everything from malaria, dengue hemorrhagic fever, and influenza. They’ve taken blood 4 times, my arm hurts a lot.”

Our reporter asked if it was because Yui was exerting too much for work, Yui says:
“I doesn’t have to do with work. If I have dengue hemorrhagic fever it should be because I was bitten by a mosquito somewhere. Right now I’m working everyday, I’m filming the lakorn, in the afternoon I have to go tape for Club 7. Everything had to be cancelled, my photoshoot tomorrow has been cancelled also. The entire week has to be cancelled because I can’t even eat right now because I have no strength, I just want to eat sweets. I couldn’t sleep last night. I guess I’ll have to sleep continuously, until I get a little better.

We asked if Pid knew about this, Yui says, “He knows, he’s worried about me and wants to me to get better quickly.”

Lastly, the pretty n’ek wants to tell everyone that she is thankful people called to want to know her condition and was worried about her. She wants to thank them a lot.

Source: Siam Dara


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