Poompuang’s Mystery Gives Yui Goosebumps!


Another Nang Eak Who’s Become a Singer for Yui Jiranan because in the lakorn “Pah Loke Bunterng” she has to show off her vocal chords in look toong style for 4 songs. More importantly she has to sing songs that the previous Queen of Look Toong “Poompuang Duangjun” sang for 2 songs. This talented n’ek tells relates her chilling experience of singing Poompuang’s songs.

“My character is Nampeung who is a fruit vendor on a boat. I like to sing so I sneak away from my dad to go compete in singing contests, since my dad doesn’t like for his children to be singers. I have the p’ek (Arnas) who continually gives me help. I sing a total of 4 songs, 3 solo songs and 1 group song.

Of the songs I sing, 1 of them was written new, which is “Jark Jai Tee Chun Mee” and the 2 other songs are old songs that P’Peung (Poompuang) sang, which are “Nampeung Reua Pai” and “Sao Chao Na.”

Before I went to the recording studio, I listened to the songs that she sang.  When I listened to them I got goosebumps (laughs) because I think P’Peung is a very talented singer and she sang those songs very nicely, no one is able to surpass her.  Therefore I had to sing it in the style of Nampeung 2008, which is me.  All the songs in this lakorn are nice, whether it’s the ones I sing or the ones sung by others.

When I was filming the concert scene, I felt really excited because the stage was decorated nicely and there was a lot of people. I’ve never sang on this type of stage before.  I was really nervous.  I’m also happy because when I go to events, I have my own songs to sing now.”

Source: Dara Daily
Image Credit: Mint Fanclub


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