Porb Pee Fah 2009 Teaser 1

Yay finally a teaser!  Gosh it looks pretty good so far.  The song is also from the old versions of the lakorn.


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    engsamnang said,

    Look great but the same style in every remake like woman with black clothes.This one about l\the ghost has love but the original none.However, wish it good than Poot mae nam khong and Poot Pee Sawas.The treaser look pretty scary.moreover can you tell me when did it release.?Does it has something fly into her mouth and turn her to ghost?

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      immaculateyui said,

      it’s still filming and Kantana Productions usually don’t air until at least 50% is filmed. I’m assuming mid 2009. I would tell you the storyline but I’m not sure if they kept it the same from the previous one. So I don’t know what they’re changing and what they’re keeping the same. But please look forward to the lakorn. Thanks!

  2. 3

    engsamnang said,

    Can you tell me if there are something fly into her mouth like made from banana leaves and lived by ghost saliver in original version or not?cause i confused a lot ?thank you for your answer.

  3. 4

    immaculateyui said,

    i dunno, i didn’t watch the old version.

  4. 5

    engsamnang said,

    Oh sorry for first comment that i said about woman in black dress.Yes, i found out another video from your account in youtube.and see that it not the same style.It from the original that the ghost wear with also black crown.I confused in teaser as i don’t see the crown.but in another, i see the crown but different that the crown and dress is more dark whilt the original more bright.One problem for me to the remake, is th title said porb pee fah mean: Porb=orgress, Pee=Ghost and Fah=Blue(In thai languages when they said blue it mean green) so the ghost should has green face like original but this one none (just in the teaser) instead of white pale skin.However, Maybe the scene of green face don’t appear yet.

  5. 6

    immaculateyui said,

    yes pee means ghost and fah means blue but when you put it together it means something different. the pee fah in the story is the person who is like a shaman of sorts and drives ghosts from ppl who have been possessed. thai sometimes cannot be taken so literally or else it won’t make sense. the title then refers to the shaman who had become an ogre and started killing ppl instead of saving them from ghosts.

  6. 7

    engsamnang said,

    yes, i understand now .that’s right in original version, a girl who is a spirit doctor to save ppl from the ghost then possessed by the spirit and then turned to orgress which killed them without save them.But maybe the director in original want a green face on orgress to reveal the fah meaning.However, It ok to have or not to green light, the white face is look scary too better than the make in poot mae nam khong or etc.I happy if it has the green one.Finally, Thank you for every answer for me.

  7. 8

    immaculateyui said,

    it’s still filming, not on air yet.

  8. 9

    engsamnang said,

    you know after silamanee remake no lakorn want me to see it so bad.Until Porb pee fah, i feel it look great cause there are 3 reason:
    1.Kantana production is the one which produced tayat asoon so they will bo how to remake great (Tayat Asoon is very very good remake)
    2.The actor to suit the charactor is perfect, Yui has the good eye to act as the ghost, oil is good to act as the middle man or like doctor and the main actress good for the dance (in Teaser)
    3.the make up and traditional is well prefer than poot mae nam khong.I suddenly like the white make up on yui look excellent than poot mae nam khong done look very bad.However, one problem is costume they change a little that the ghost wear.I know it is the clothes for northeast queen but is they used the old style it should better.But maybe it depend on plot maybe they change.No problem, waiting for the lakorn.Do you think this teaser not already yet, i think these one just the test teaser. but it make me very exiciting so much.Can’t wait.

  9. 10

    immaculateyui said,

    i’m glad you’re excited to watch it. when it airs, i’ll post it on my youtube channel.

    i agree with the clothing, i did prefer the old clothes the princess wore bc it made her look a lot more girly but i guess kantana might have so much of this type of clothing in stock they used it for the production.

  10. 11

    Engsamnang said,

    I now know what different between the clothes in original and remake:
    The original:The Clothes the princess wear is mostly found for Khun lady or like also the king’s family female but not the whole country but for the town or province, it maybe found on late 1800s and early 1900s.These clothes now can found in Northest Thailand, Pailot (Cambodia) and the some town in Burma as well as the part around mekongin Loa.It Can seem as these clothes is considered the modest clothes for the ancient time for the burmese.The original plot is suitable for clothes they wear, cause the few first esp is take place at early or mid 1900s.
    The Remake:The Clothes is for the king of the country (DO see suroyathai, look for Bumese Queen) but is it for Khun Family, maybe found betweent 1600s to early 1800s.However, it depend on plot.It ok cause i can see yui wear the original clothes too but in black(not sure).
    If i has some mistake, i so sorry cause i not the historician, it just from my knowleage.
    oh if you know the release date pls tell me on these topic.

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