Yui & Pid Won’t Be Seeing Each Other This New Years

Pid Thanadol & Yui

Pid Thanadol & Yui

The cold weather usually brings loved ones together but Yui Chiranan has to go film “Porb Pee Fah” at Salaya Studios while sweetheart Pid Bodyslam is on tour across Thailand; they haven’t seen each other for about a month already.

“We’ve barely had time to see each other. He’s been on tour for half a month now, for New Years Eve he’s on tour with M150.”

You’re not going to give him support?
“I’m always busy filming lakorns.”

Since you’re apart, do you miss him?
“I’m also worried about him since I just recovered from a cold. Before this he was sick in the hospital, I was out of the city so I couldn’t go take care of him.”

Has Pid sent you any supportive messages?
“He told me to take good care of myself and make sure to eat and take my medicine. When I’m free I’ll send a message back to me. For the most part I’m worried that he’ll get sick since he’s touring and since it’s getting cold now, his fingers might hurt from playing the bass.”

What about you?
“It’s very cold at Salaya, and I’ll send him a message saying it’s really cold here. He’ll reply back sometimes. Whenever we’re somewhere cold, we’ll complain to each other.”

There’s news that you’re getting married next year.
“Let me clear the news that I’m not getting married yet, it’ll be long time. I want to see how things are going.”

But you’ve been together for many years now.
“I’m still not sure yet, I have to keep looking.”

But Pid has showed he’s sincere, to the point of buying a house in your neighborhood.

“I understand, but marriage is a big issue for a woman. I want to keep it like this for a bit.”

Does he have something that make you unsure?
“Me (laughs). I feel that I’m not ready to take care of someone. I have a lot of work and I have to take care of my family. I hope one day I’ll have more time to take care of him.”

Has he told you how many years until?
“He hasn’t told me anything. He spoke with others that maybe 3 more years. He’s waiting for me to be ready.”

How do you feel about 3 more years?
“I’m still clinging on to my single life, I’m not ready.”

Do you have any suspicions since you’re working apart from each other?

“I don’t have any suspicions, I trust. If there’s nothing then there’s nothing, if things are meant to happen they will. I don’t want to stress over it.”

Does Pid tell you when girls come up to him?

“Not really, probably for my own peace of mind. Other than telling me about strange or funny fans.”

Is he a player?
“I’m not with him all the time, I don’t want to say anything but I believe him and trust him.”

Source: Thairath


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