Pah Loke Bunterng Off to a Good Start

0934112992500Only 9 episodes have aired so far but the viewers are receiving this lakorn quite well. The first couple of episodes started off with ratings between 10-14. Now, the ratings are shooting up to 16-17. It seems like this is another success for Yui’s evening lakorns so far. But it’s not all of Yui’s doing, the young Academy Fantasia cast has their share of fans that are also tuning in to see the action and singing. Whatever the case, let’s just hope that the ratings will continue rising in this trend.


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  1. 1

    Himoko said,

    How old is that little girl ???? please reply back.

  2. 2

    Sai said,

    I hope she has more lakorn coming soon coz she’s so talented! I wish she star with Kob again coz I love both of them in Mon Ruk Look Tong.

  3. 3

    immaculateyui said,

    Himoko: do you mean the girl that plays as Yui’s little sister? She’s around 17-18 I believe

  4. 4

    Himoko said,

    Immaculateyui: Is you serious !! I thought dat she waz around 14 -15.

  5. 5

    immaculateyui said,

    himoko: actually sorry, she’s 19 years old. i’m fairly sure now ja, she does look a lot younger than she really is

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