Chatting with Asian TV Awards Best Drama Actress: Yui Chiranan

Yui Wins Best Actress

Yui Wins Best Actress

Yui Chiranan really rose to fame after portraying an antagonist role. From a sweet teary eyed nang’ek to a nang rai in the role of “Salee” from the period lakorn Nang Tard. Besides Yui, there were many other big name stars who showed their acting chops in this lakorn. However Yui’s amazing abilities in playing a nang rai for the first time garnered compliments from viewers who poured in their votes until she nabbed the “Best Antagonist Title” from “Siam Dara Star Party Awards.” This award gave her the first she received for playing an outstanding role in the entertainment biz in 7 years. Not only that, but the role of “Salee” allowed Yui to received the award Best Drama Performance by an Actress in the Asian Television Awards 2008 held in Singapore on December 11, 2008. This award is one of the biggest awards of the Asian region. That means that Yui has easily become one of Asia’s Best Actresses.

After they landed this evening (December 12) Yui and Pok Piyatida went straight to Wic Mo-Chit for a press conference and show the award to everyone. How was Yui’s reaction and the atmosphere of the event, let’s go interview this ATA Best Actress.

This is the 2nd award you’ve received for this role right?
”Yes, I received the Siam Dara Award for the same role, this one is my 2nd award, it’s well known in Asia. I don’t know how to express my feelings, I’m very proud because it’s my 2nd award for the role of Salee.”

How was your reaction when you went to receive the award?
“I was so excited and happy. At first I was still confused and stunned, when they announced my name, I went to the stage very confused. It was all blurry at that point. Luckily I didn’t have to say anything when I got up there. The other competitors were all very intimidating, both from Singapore and Taiwan. Their acting was superb. After I got the award, I’m going to go celebrate at home, everyone at home is happy. My grandma is very happy because before I left she gave me hug. I had small hopes that I would win, there was a lot of people who went and they all had a lot of acting ability. I heard news that one of the Taiwanese stars was the most expected to win. But if I didn’t get it I would have been okay, because at the very least I got to participate in the events. I’m just happy to be one of the six nominees.”

Before leaving for Singapore did you go pray at any shrines?
“I didn’t go pray anywhere but I did ask for blessing from Ganesh Chaturthi because that’s the holy figure I worship. But most importantly, I asked blessings from my grandparents and parents.”

Does this award have any affect on your work?
”It has influenced on my work to some extent. However, in relation to my work ethics, regardless of if I win an award or not I still give my utmost to each work and role that I receive. Whether I’m a nang’ek or not, I give my all.”

After you’ve received a lot of awards, do you think others will expect more out of you?
“Probably not, because each role is different in various aspects. As for Pah Loke Bunterng, I have to portray a prim and proper girl, there’s not much to the character, and I don’t have to exert too much energy.”

This is your first time in an antagonist role and you’ve raked in the awards, are you becoming fond of evil roles?
“Hey! Or am I going down the right path now (Laughs). I’ve been a nang’ek for so long but I haven’t received an award. I think I’m lucky because the other actresses that were nominated portrayed sad roles, but my role had a plethora of emotions. The scene that was sent in was when I was screaming and being ferocious, crying, disappointed and the scene where I died. I had the advantage because I was able to show them a range of emotions, as opposed to the prim actresses who only showed crying scenes. This award was judged on drama, based on facial and eye expressions, and emotions. The scene that was sent in, I was very pleased with it. It was the scene where I picked at Kob Suvanant’s head and insulted her; when I was caught I cried. There was a lot of performance.”

Did Khun Dang also send in Kob Suvanant’s name?
“Huh? I’m not sure because Channel 7 sent in a lot of names. They sent in Dao Peun Din, Nang Tard and other lakorns also.”

What did Pid (Thanadol) say?
“He was very happy and congratulated me. He also praised and told me I was great. When I come back he’s going to host a big celebration. At that time, when I got down from the stage I immediately called my Mom to tell her and I told Pid and Ah’Dao (Duangdao Jarujinda). Ah’Dao called me to wish me good luck before I went. A lot of people had great hopes for this award.”

Do you think you’ve reached your highest accomplishment yet?
“At this point I think it’s okay to a certain regard, because I never expected to win. I was already happy when I got an award in Thailand. But I think this award is for the Thai people, it makes Thais more well known. I’m a representative of Thailand that was nominated and brought  fame home to Thailand. This award is for everyone, all the staff and Khun Dang (Surang – Ch7’s Big Boss). I can say honestly that Khun Dang had a part in this award. It might be the first reason because she was the person who let me play this role. She was the only person who saw something in me, because I didn’t even think that I could take on the role. She also told me that I was the person she was going to send to compete, and that I had a chance of winning. I’m very happy to bring this award back home. I want to thank Khun Dang and Khun Dang also thanked me for winning this award, especially since it ranks highly in Asia.”

Besides this, Yui told us that she wanted to wear the costume in Nang Tard to the awards ceremony, but she chose a pretty evening dress instead because she felt it was more appropriate for the event.

As for Pok Piyatida who received the honorable mention award, she expresses her admiration for Yui and says that Yui deserved the award
“Yui is a very skillful person, she deserved the award. She is really devoted. Before this I was talking with Yui, that one of us has to bring this award back home. I’m happy for Yui, and as for myself I’m happy that I was nominated as one of the 2 Thai people out of the 6 nominees. As such, P’Louis (the director) should to take us out to celebrate”

Credit: Siam Dara


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