Lakorn: Fon Neua

Fon Neua

Fon Neua

Title: Fon Neua (Northern Rains)
Production Company: Bangkok Audio Vision
Cast: Eak Rungsiroj & Yui Jiranan, Golf Karn & Prae Waraporn, Teen Sarawut & Pla Palita
Broadcasting Channel: Channel 7
On Air: April 2, 2007 – May 7, 2007
Time Slot: Monday – Sunday (Evenings @ 18:45)
Total Episodes: 36
Status: Ended
Watch Online:
Fon Neua @ Immaculate Yui Youtube Channel

Yui’s action/musical lakorn that aired April 2, 2007. Her first full out action roles for the new director Cherd Pakdeewichit, son of famous action director Chalong Pakdeewichit. The story is about Fon Neua (Yui), Kratai (Pla Palita), and Tooktoon (Prae Arada), 3 sisters who are the daughter of the village leader. Their lives are changed when 3 mysterious strangers come into town at about the same time. Two of them happen to be undercover police officers sent to investigate the drug smuggling ring in the town; and one is a traveling musician. They are Chart Cherngchai (Eak Rungsiroj), Harn Charnseuk (Teen Sarawut), and Plern Rukpleng (Golf Karn). But what happens when these three strangers fall for the 3 lovely daughters of the village leader? A whole lot of action and singing.


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