Lakorn: Mon Ruk Look Toong

Mon Ruk Look Toong

Mon Ruk Look Toong

Title: Mon Ruk Look Toong (Charm of Love from the Countryside)
Production Company: DaraVDO
Cast: Poh Nattawut & Kob Suvanant, Yui Chiranan & Aou Panu, Ae Pornthip
Broadcasting Channel: Channel 7
On Air: January 18, 2005
Time Slot: Monday – Tuesday (Prime Time @ 20:30)
Total Episodes: 17
Status: Ended
Watch Online:
Mon Ruk Look Toong @ Immaculate Yui Youtube Channel

Yui’s musical lakorn that aired January 18, 2005. The story of love between two couples Krao (Poh Nattawut) & Tong Gwao (Kob Suvanant), and Waen (Aou Panu) & Bupha (Yui Jiranan). Tong Gwao and Bupha are cousins and come from a relatively well off family in the village of Nong Sai Kao. They are in love with Krao and Waen but their family prohibits it because Krao is a lowly farmer and Waen is a poor barber. Along the way they encounter many obstacles and villians that put their love to the test. But with true love and some musical numbers, how will this story end? This lakorn has been remade numerous times as a film and once before as a lakorn starring Tua Saranyu, Nampeung Nattarika, Anan Boonak and Thom Rachaneekorn.


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