Lakorn: Hong Hoon

Hong Hoon

Hong Hoon

Title: Hong Hoon (The Mannequin Room)
Production Company: Kantana Video Productions
Cast: Yui Chiranan & Wut Asadawut, Jamie Buher, Kaew Apiradee
Broadcasting Channel: Channel 7
On Air: December 3, 2003
Time Slot: Wednesday – Thursday (Prime Time @ 20:30)
Total Episodes: 12
Status: Ended
Watch Online: Hong Hoon @ Immaculate Yui Youtube Channel

Yui’s lakorn with Wut Asadawut that aired December 3, 2003. It is the story about a family who’s father is a crafter of mannequins. After the untimely death of their mother and father, their 3 children, Pannarai (Jamie Buher), Amara (Yui), and Ord must deal with their wicked new stepmother. Luckily the mannequins carry with them spirits that protect the three. But what happens when a truth is revealed about Pannarai? And how will Amara and her brother survive in this new household.


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