Oil Ashamed – Sees Yui as a Role Model to Re-evaluate Himself – Stops Being Picky

Co-starring with Yui Jiranan in the new lakorn “Porb Pee Fah” has P’ek Oil Thana ashamed and wants to change his picky ways.

“I feel that Yui is an actor who will do whatever without complaining or saying anything. She is always punctual. I’ve never met someone like this before. Before I must have been acting childish and had issues when I came to work. When I see others do that I start to feel ashamed of myself.”

“Before this, when the lakorn staff said that we’d close set at 4 P.M. I would call up my friends or whoever and set up appointments with them. But working isn’t always being able to get off exactly at that time, sometimes we’re unable to finish shooting and it’s already going into 7-8 o’clock. I would feel a bit bad, but now I’ve changed my way of thinking. I’m starting to think that if they’ve already paid me to work, if it has to wait then it has to wait, I am willing to give my full time. I won’t make any appointments until work is fully done. If I keep rushing the staff everything will be messy. I start to feel that if another star has to go to an appointment early or come to the set late, I don’t feel very good towards that person. I don’t wont other people to feel that way towards me, I don’t want to be scolded. But I don’t think that they should come and praise me either. I think I behaved that way because of my age and it’s a lot of my personality too. Right now I want to be happy with my work, I don’t want others to blame me.”

Are you still going to walk away from reporters?

“On this issue, I feel that if it’s something I don’t want to discuss because of the consequences it’ll have on others, especially if it’s something bad, then I don’t want to discuss it. If it’s any other thing, I’m willing to say something on the matter. My family taught me that I shouldn’t make others distressed because of me.”

Source: Khaosod


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