Yui Afraid of Starring in “Porb Pee Fah”

Yui Jiranan Stars as a Ghost

Yui Jiranan Stars as Jao Luang La Ong Fong

Experienced young Nang’ek “Yui Jiranan” afraid of starring in the lakorn “Porb Pee Fah.” She is having nightmares every night and reveals that she’s become deadly afraid of ghosts. In this lakorn she has to do more research compared to past lakorns.

It has caused an experienced nang’ek like Yui Jiranan Manojem spirits to flee when she has to take on the role of a ghost in the lakorn “Porb Pee Fah” from Kantana Video Production. The young nang’ek tells us that just reading the script scared the wits out of her. She reveals that it’s caused her to be afraid and have nightmares every night.

“I’ve only read two episodes of the script so far and I have nightmares each night…and that’s just reading the first two parts! Normally I’m already afraid of ghosts, now I don’t even watch horror movies but I have to star in a horror lakorn. I’m afraid already just reading it especially of the scene where I have to drink the nectar of the ghosts and become a ogress. I’ve taken it and dreamt about every scene as if it was real. When I wake up, which is around 3 A.M. I can’t go back to sleep, I’m really scared.”

Our reporters asked how this role was harder or different from the villianess role in “Nang Tard.” Yui says it’s not very different but “Porb Pee Fah” is more difficult

“I have to do a lot of research for this lakorn because I’ve never played a ghost role before, and one that has to be a villian also. It’s similar to the role of “Salee” but that character was hurting because of love. This role is evil and tormenting, I lose my lover also. My life changed from being a beautiful princess into an ogress. I’m somewhat imprisoned, it’s difficult to an extent. The language that I have to speak is different from common everyday language and I have to train myself and do a lot of research”

Source: Siam Dara Newspaper
Image Credit: Dara Daily Newspaper


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    engsamnang said,

    fan of yui and wait for this lakorn.It’s great to take yui for the role, no other actress fit it cause the original has a evil eye,also yui so she is most suitable.Don’t give up yui i wait for your talented in horror genre.oh can i ask you when this lakorn aired and can you give me the plot.i not sure cause i watch the old one long time ago.

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